2017-2022 | Co-founder and UI/UX Design | iOS and Android

In June 2017 I co-founded Silofit together with my 2 co-founders. I designed and was responsible for the user experience for our mobile apps. The apps went through several iterations based on learnings and shifting business needs. In later stages I managed 2 other Product Designers in re-designing the brand, creating the design system and building new features.

A twofold problem 

1. Gym-goers are tied down by memberships
2. Gyms capture the majority of coaches earnings

The solution

Silofit builds private on-demand gyms and digital tools for coaches to earn more.


Understanding the problem

After interviewing potential users we chose to focus on busy professionals looking to squeeze in a workout in their schedule. We opted for a map view to easily display the gyms. The wireframes went through several iterations and extensive testing.


First version and brand inception

Several wireframes and whiteboard sessions later the designs started to come alive. They were again tested and used for pitching, fund raising and then built in code. We settled on orange as our accent colour since its an active colour that demands attention.


We learned that a wide range of wellness professionals such as yoga teachers, massage and physcial therapists use our spaces. We then swapped the orange for beige to tone things down and bring more of a mindfulness feel.


The Silofit brand and design system

Before launching in the US we re-designed the brand and app from the ground up. We introduced a darker colour palette and picked new accent colours. This new design language were more fitting for the fitness market and was rolled out onto all touch points from website, social media, apps etc.


We created a product from scratch and had great success in building out features that enabled gym-goers to train on their own terms and coaches to grow their business independently. Features ranged from scheduling, payments and chat just to mention a few.

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